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NEW OPI Hello Kitty & Summer 2024 My Me Era is now available. Free Shipping for orders $199+

OPI Gel Color - Big Zodiac Energy Collection 12 Colors & 1 Base Gel 1 Top Gel | Fall 2023

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by OPI

OPI Gel Color - Big Zodiac Energy Collection 12 Colors & 1 Base Gel 1 Top Gel | Fall 2023


  • 12 colors of OPI Zodiac Energy Collection
  • 1 Top Gel Coat
  • 1 Base Gel Coat


Introducing the Big Zodiac Energy collection: a color scope of enchanting shades that are off the charts.

Nail your sign–or signs (sun + moon + rising)–with shimmers, pearls, glitters, and holographic that channel all the elements to make you glisten from hand to toe. The rest is a mystery.

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Introduction: Prepare to embark on a cosmic journey with OPI Big Zodiac Energy | Fall 2023! Inspired by the captivating world of astrology, this nail polish collection promises to bring celestial charm and cosmic vibes to your manicures. Whether you're a zodiac enthusiast or just love unique nail art, OPI's latest offering is here to let you unleash your cosmic nail style like never before.

Discover the Zodiac Nail Collection:

  • Astrology-Inspired Colors: OPI's Big Zodiac Energy features an array of enchanting nail colors, each inspired by the zodiac signs and celestial elements. From mystic blues to captivating starry purples, these shades mirror the magic of the night sky.

  • Fall 2023 Trends: Embrace the latest nail trends for Fall 2023 with OPI's Zodiac Nail Collection. These cosmic hues perfectly complement the season's fashion and makeup trends, making them a must-have for fashion-forward nail enthusiasts.

Why Choose OPI Big Zodiac Energy | Fall 2023?

  • High-Quality Formulation: OPI is renowned for its professional-grade nail polishes, and Big Zodiac Energy is no exception. Expect richly pigmented colors with a smooth and even application for flawless manicures.

  • Long-Lasting Wear: With OPI's advanced formula, enjoy chip-resistant nails that stay vibrant and fresh for days, ensuring your cosmic nail art remains stunning throughout the week.

  • Variety and Versatility: Whether you're a water sign or a fiery Aries, the Zodiac Nail Collection offers a shade tailor-made for your zodiac personality. Mix and match to express your unique astrological style.

How to Achieve Cosmic Nail Art with OPI Big Zodiac Energy | Fall 2023?

  1. Preparation: Begin with clean, dry nails, and shape them to your desired length.

  2. Base Coat: Apply OPI Base Coat to protect your nails and provide an even base for the zodiac-inspired colors.

  3. Choose Your Zodiac Shade: Select the Big Zodiac Energy shade that resonates with your zodiac sign or one that captures your cosmic energy.

  4. Astro-Nail Magic: Apply 2-3 thin coats of your chosen shade, allowing each layer to dry before adding the next. Watch as the celestial colors come to life on your nails.

  5. Celestial Accents (Optional): Enhance your cosmic nail art by adding nail stickers or decals inspired by the stars, moons, and zodiac symbols.

  6. Seal the Cosmic Look: Finish your manicure with OPI Top Coat to seal in the celestial beauty and ensure a glossy, long-lasting finish.

Unlock Your Cosmic Style with OPI Big Zodiac Energy | Fall 2023: Elevate your nail art game with OPI's Big Zodiac Energy | Fall 2023 collection. Embrace the magic of astrology and the allure of celestial shades with this exclusive zodiac-inspired nail polish range. Make a cosmic statement with your manicures and show off your unique astrological flair. Don't miss out on this celestial adventure - get your OPI Big Zodiac Energy | Fall 2023 shades today and let your cosmic nail style shine!